Silicon carbide ceramics characteristic

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                                                                                                        Silicon carbide ceramics characteristic



                                                                                                  Handan Rongqiang Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd was founded in September, 1968. It is a specialized company in the production of silicon carbide ceramics with a good foundation.


                                                                                                  Silicon carbide ceramics, based on silicon carbide raw materials and made by various crafts,is a kind of special ceramics. Our company mainly produces pressureless sintering of silicon carbide ceramics. The ceramics have oxidation resistance, high hardness, high strength, good resistance to chemical corrosion, abrasion resistance, small friction coefficient, and high temperature resistant characteristics, thus it is the applicable material of manufacturing sealing rings, armors, pump parts, valves, valve plate nozzle and grinding media. In virtue of material matrix’s characters such as compact structure and the very few content of free silicon and free carbon, our products have an increasingly extensive application in the fields of high temperature、ultra-clean and fine chemicals. When pressureless sintering of silicon carbide sealing rings and graphite materials is combined, the whole’ s friction coefficient is smaller than the alumina and carbide, especially for conveying strong acid and strong base. Pressureless sintering of silicon carbide ceramics are widely used in pump containing a lot of solid particles and liquid. It is extremely strict sealing ideal material in no leakage occasions.


                                                                                                  Our company produces the pressureless sintering of silicon carbide products with high density (3.10 g/cm3-3.15 g/cm3), high hardness and high strength. According to users’ requirements, we can manufacture all kinds of complicated shape products on a large scale.



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