Company advantages

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                                                                                                               Company advantages



                                                                                                  Handan Rongqiang Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd mainly produces pressureless sintering of silicon carbide ceramics and its derivative products. Our company, equipped with advanced production equipments, has the advanced technology of pressureless sintering of silicon carbide powder and owns one-stop production line: from raw material powder to finishing machining, so as to provide the most satisfactory services. Our main products include sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bulletproof armors, nozzle and wear-resistant parts, etc. Our products are widely used in fields of electronic, electrician, petroleum, chemicals, military industry, precision casting, textile machinery, mechanical seal, etc.



                                                                                                  Our company, with the introduction of advanced technology as support which lays the foundation for the entire production line of silicon carbide products, owns a unique leading milling process. Also, our company is equipped with professional finishing machining personnel and inspector, and introduces advanced precision processing equipments and high-end testing equipments, so that it can check the product quality at each level very well.


                                                                                                  The operation principle of the company is science and technology – led, quality first, faithful, and customer satisfaction. General manager of our company is glad to cooperate sincerely with users from various industries, and warmly welcomes the friends at home and abroad to our company.





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